Hands-on programs allow preschoolers the ability to learn as they play.

Top Preschool Homeschooling Programs

by Tara West

Mothering can be hard. There may be days you don't even have enough time to brush your hair, let alone provide a five-star education for your preschooler. However, with the right preschool curriculum, you can set the stage for learning in your home.

Early Literacy

The Bright Beginnings program, which can be implemented at home, was considered tops by the Institute of Education Sciences for early literacy. Bright Beginnings, with a Christian-based curriculum, outlines daily lesson plans. The plans utilize household items and library books to engage the child. Doors to Discovery and Creative Curriculum are also literature-based programs full of reading activities and phonics that utilize a rich parent-child approach to learning. If you have a visual learner, the Let's Begin with the Letter People program can be your dream come true. This curriculum features 26 fun hand puppets that teach children letters. Each puppet has its own story and is sure to keep children engaged.

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is another goal you may wish to achieve in preschool. The Institute of Education Sciences found two preschool curriculum to outshine the rest in phonetics: Bright Beginnings and Literacy Express. Literacy Express uses phonemic awareness as the base of its program. Your preschooler may even be able to pronounce "phonemic" correctly after this structured curriculum. The program is designed to give children enthusiasm for education and to push them to excel above basic reading to comprehension of the materials.

Early Language Instruction

Creative Curriculum and Doors to Discovery topped the Institute of Education Science's list in early language instruction, and Curiosity Corner is the other early language program that makes the list. The curriculum introduces 39 weekly thematic units that relate to preschooler's lives, interests and surroundings. Children are introduced to concepts, they engage in activities related to those concepts, and then they are given time to review the concepts again.

A Web-Based Curriculum

Reading Eggs is an innovative program that unites technology with education. This online program teaches early reading skills and is grounded on five key reading areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. The program uses a reward system: a preschooler earns a variety of cute little egg creatures when she passes a level, to encourage her to keep progressing.

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