Staying involved in what your child is doing on her iPod Touch is one way to ensure her safety.

How to Track a Kid's Activities on an iPod Touch

by Amy Sutton

In an age when technology and electronics are everywhere, parents have to be diligent when it comes to how their children are using them. As of May 2013, more than 100 million iPod Touches have been sold and kids use this popular handheld electronic device to play games, listen to music, watch videos and access the Internet. Parents can keep track of what their children are up to on their iPod Touches to ensure the device is being used safely and appropriately.

Spend some time with your kid while he is using his iPod Touch to monitor what websites he likes to use and what else he may be doing with the device.

Talk with your child about basic Internet safety, telling him to never send pictures to or accept pictures from strangers, never communicate with strangers online, keep passwords secret from others, never share personal information such as name, school, age, address or phone number and always tell a parent if something negative or worrisome happens online. Explain to your child that he should never, ever share an inappropriate picture online, because once it is online, it is always online.

Establish time limits for your child's iPod Touch. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should limit screen time to two hours or less per day, including time spent playing electronics.

Change the settings on your child's iPod Touch to prevent him from listening to explicit music or installing apps without your consent. To do so, go to Settings, click on General, choose Restrictions and select Enable Restrictions. There, you can create your own private passcode that has to be entered before your child can download content.

Download an app that will allow you to track your kid's activity on his iPod Touch. The PhoneSheriff app allows you to track the iPod Touch, block things you don't want your child doing on the device and to monitor activity. Or, you could download the iKeyMonitor app, which gives you the ability to invisibly monitor activity on the iPod Touch remotely and keep logs of the websites visited, chats and social networking activity.

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