Moles are more active during the spring, summer and fall.

How to Trap Moles With Peanut Butter

by Aparna Shankarraman

When you see 4- to 5-inch circular, raised ridges that are also accompanied by tiny dirt mounds around your lawn, you can be sure of moles tunneling beneath the ground. Moles can destroy turf grass and uproot plants. These insectivorous mammals have poor vision, but are extremely sensitive to odors. You can tap this attribute and combat moles with the help of peanut butter.

Tramp down short sections of soil on the raised mole mounds or burrows around the lawn with your feet. These mounds and burrows act as tunnels and runways for the moles. If a mole is active in that space, it will rebuild the tunnel within a day or two.

Flag the entrance to the mole runway, and clear unwanted stones or debris lying around. You can find the runway entrance points through the presence of raised ridges with open midpoint holes.

Test the snap trap before you place it on the mole runways. Touch the trip plate from each end to see if the spring is activated at the slightest movement. You can also pump the spring up and down to ease its resistance. If the doors do not work fast enough, place weights or small stones on top of the door. This will cause the door to fall faster.

Smear smooth or chunky peanut butter on the trigger and on the base of the trigger pan with a knife. Application on the trigger ensures the mole does not escape the trap and get away with the peanut butter.

Push back the snap wire and hold it in place with your thumb. Place the lock bar on the top of the snap wire.

Pull the trigger upwards to a 45-degree angle, and secure the end of lock bar with the hook provided under the trigger.

Remove your thumb from the snap wire slowly and steadily. This will help secure the lock bar to the trigger and set the trap.

Place the trap outside the runway entrance and position the trigger at a 90-degree angle to the tunnel. Moles generally move from one tunnel to another in search of food. The aroma of peanut butter can easily lure them to the bait as they leave or enter the tunnel.

Scatter loose dirt and hay to cover the top and sides of the trap. Cover the trap with an inverted shoe box to make the surroundings seem natural.

Check the trap once or twice a day. Dispose of the trapped moles promptly, and reset the trap to control the mole population.

Items you will need

  • Snap trap
  • Weights or small stones
  • Smooth or chunky peanut butter
  • Knife
  • Loose dirt or hay
  • Inverted shoe box


  • The best time to scan the lawn for active mole runways is midday.


  • Keep children and pets away from the trap areas.
  • Wear gloves while touching the mole runways or handling the snap trap.
  • Clean the trap with disinfectant after every catch to avoid the spread of infections.

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