Simply making the decision to trust in your fiancee may be the key to enjoying a healthier relationship.

How to Trust My Fiancée

by Kristen Moutria

Trusting your fiancée is essential to a healthy relationship and, more importantly, a happy marriage. While you may have had difficulty trusting in the past, by showing trust in your fiancée, you are raising the chances that the two of you will have a healthy connection and a happy relationship. By communicating in a healthy way, practicing integrity, respecting her boundaries and making the decision to trust her, you will find it easier to put your faith in your fiancée.

Communicate in a Healthy Way

Communicate with your fiancée in a healthy way in order to learn to trust her, as well as build a stronger relationship. It is important to ask yourself if your partner's communication skills bring you up or down and if talking with her leaves you feeling drained or inspired, according to Preston Ni, professor and author of "How to Communicate Effectively and Handle Difficult People." As the two of you learn to complement each other instead of criticizing each other, and focus on the problem you are dealing with instead of each other's imperfections, you will help build trust in one another and understand that you are on the same side.

Practice Integrity

Being a person of integrity yourself will put you in the mindset to trust your fiancée through all of the challenges in your relationship. Integrity is "the degree to which the trustee adheres to principles that are acceptable to the trustor," according to Roy J. Lewicki, professor of management and human resources at the Max M. Fisher College of Business, and Edward C. Tomlinson, doctoral candidate in organizational behavior and human resources at The Ohio State University. By being honest with your lover and behaving in a way you know she would approve of, you will be more likely to trust her as well, and have faith that she will not let you down.

Respect Her Boundaries

Learning how to respect your fiancée's boundaries is one way to develop trust in her. For example, if your fiancée does not have the time or energy to meet with you after a particularly long and stressful day at work, give her the space she needs to re-energize instead of insisting that the two of you meet. By giving your fiancée space and respecting her limits, you will learn to understand the boundaries she has set and develop deeper trust in her. Recognizing that she is setting up boundaries in your relationship in order to stay mentally and physically healthy, and not to keep you away, will help you trust her in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Make the Decision

Since there is no way to be completely positive that your fiancée will not let you down, you may simply need to make the decision to trust her, even if it is difficult. Because a relationship requires vulnerability to be successful, and all vulnerability involves taking a risk, you must be willing to trust your partner even if it feels difficult. Being able to put your faith in her at all times is good practice for your marriage, and will cause the two of you to have a closer connection than if you questioned all of her actions and intentions.

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