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Most Unique Entertainment for Kids Birthday Parties

by Dan Ketchum

Magicians are tired, clowns are partied out, ponies have gone back to pasture and balloon animals have tied their last knot. While these party entertainers are classic, unique they're certainly not. Although the label, “most” unique is subjective, your entertainment options are virtually endless. Choices vary widely depending on your location and budget, but with a few ideas to kick start your brain, you're bound to provide your little one with a party to remember for years to come.

Arty Parties

Infusing your tyke's party with a little creativity makes for a distinct experience that might even provide your little party guests with some unexpected education. Getting everyone together to create simple crafts such as clay pots, paper hats, tie-dye shirts or gaudy jewelry provides your guests with one-of-a-kind party favors. Local craft artists sometimes provide complete birthday services with supplies, guidance and snacks included. Take a look at local dance troupes, as well; some provide on-site dance parties. Toddlers and preschoolers love to move, and their parents will thank you for sending them home tuckered out.

A Wild Bash

Sure, pony rides and petting zoos are old hat, but that doesn't mean the animal kingdom doesn't have a few tricks up its sleeve. Animal trainers from around the country will bring a mind-blowing variety of trained -- and often exotic -- critters to kid's parties, including bunnies, lizards, talking parrots, turtles and even giant snakes. Before you book, be sure to check the wrangler's credentials and give him the low-down on the ages of the kids attending.

Out-There Entertainers

Party clowns and costumed characters are expected kid's party fare, but modern entertainers go above and beyond the tried and true. Puppeteers bring the magic with interactive stories and sing-alongs -- and might even be educational to boot. Dress-up services encourage imagination and creativity, as they bring complete fantasy wardrobes to the party, often with a focus on princesses or medieval knights.

More Tips

Just because something isn't labeled a party service doesn't mean it won't work for your party. If you know of an artisan, entertainer or performer that you think your birthday girl and her friends will enjoy, don't hesitate to approach him about designing an age-specific party program -- after all, the worst he can do is say “No thanks.” Likewise, don't be afraid to take the party away from your home turf; places as diverse as zoos, museums and ice cream parlors often host birthday parties, making for an instantly memorable event that also saves you from the after-party mess.

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