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How to Use Bedsheets for Window Treatments

by Kim Blakesley

Manufactured curtains can strain your budget, especially those that are floor- length or bunch on the floor to give a fuller look. To save money, make your own inexpensive curtains with one or more bedsheets. Bedsheets are available in a variety of sizes including twin -- 66 by 96 inches; full -- 81 by 96 inches; queen -- 90 by 102 inches; king -- 108 by 102 inches; and California king -- 102 by 110 inches. Select the size that fits your window and begin the creating process.

Curtains with Clips

The easiest curtain to make from a flat bedsheet uses a specific type of curtain hook with a clip on one side. Use one twin-size flat sheet for each panel. Turn the panel so the decorative edge is on top. Place a curtain hook with a clip every 6 to 8 inches across the width of the sheet. The curtain hook will either slide or clip over your curtain rod while the clip portion holds the sheet in place.

Rod Pocket Curtain

A rod pocket curtain has a pocket and slides over your curtain rod. A full-length curtain is easy to make with this process. Fold a flat, full or queen sheet in half lengthwise and cut along the fold. Turn the sheet so the decorative 3- to 4-inch seam is on top. This portion becomes the pocket for sliding over your curtain rod. Remove the first inch of stitching on the decorative seam pocket. Finish the edge with a 1/2-inch seam and fabric glue. Hem the cut edge with a 1/2-inch seam. Either sew, hot glue or use fabric glue to create the seam.

Invisible Tab

To make an invisible tab curtain, fold your sheet in half lengthwise. Cut along the fold to create two panels. Hem the cut edge. Turn the sheet so the decorative top edge is on top and the back of the sheet is facing you. Cut pieces of 2-inch-wide ribbon 3 inches long. Position the ribbon tabs every 6 to 8 inches across the top edge of the sheet. The spaces between the tabs will create the folds or ripples in your curtain once it is hung. Sew or glue the tabs in place.

Balloon-Type Curtains

Cover short windows with a balloon-type curtain. Cut a flat sheet in half lengthwise. Hem the cut edge. Flip the sheet over so the back is facing you. Match, pin and sew the bottom to the top edge to create a tube. Turn the tube so the front of the sheet is facing you and the newly made seam is along the top edge. Sew a straight seam 2 inches and 5 inches from the top seam. This creates a pocket to slide your balloon-type curtains over your curtain rod.

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