Black makes a statement in any room.

How to Use Black in Interior Decorating Color Schemes

by Jacy Pulford

One of the most misunderstood colors is black. The boldness is intimidating. The feeling is dark. It is typically not the go-to color in home decor, especially for a family. However, that attitude might make amateur home decorators miss out on all that black has to offer. You can use it to create classy, sophisticated color schemes that work in any space. When used the right way, black can tell a beautiful story and bring harmony when paired with other colors.


Black complements any color, and that is one of its strongest advantages. Whether you are decorating your living room or bedroom, black furniture changes the dimension of any space. A black sofa and coffee table create a stunning contrast paired with a bright wall color, such as powder yellow. Your furniture serves as the focal point of the design. Adding a colorful vase full of fresh flowers on a tabletop, a patterned throw rug on the floor or colorful cushions pull the look together.


Using black enhances the structure of a room and adds an artistic edge. Painting trim, doors or molding black presents a modern and sleek look. Use a cool color like aqua or seafoam green on the walls to create a calm but sophisticated setting. Using high-gloss black paint on old wood or concrete floors also makes a chic and classy statement. Add black in other parts of the room, in the drapes or accessories, to lend cohesion to the space.


It might seem tricky or scary, decor-wise, to add black to walls, but don't be afraid: You can always change a wall color. Choose one wall as a focal point, with vertical or horizontal black stripes. Use a wall color like auburn or marigold for the foundation to make a warm environment. Or go with patterned wallpaper that has a touch of black in it. A damask print or paisley wallpaper adds a contemporary feel to the room.


When choosing your color scheme, accessories are your best friend. If you are using two main colors, incorporate black into the room via accent pieces like vases, clocks, picture frames and rugs. This adds a classy and cool vibe to the room that won't compete with your design. Think of black as being the interior decorating band-aid: if you find your room hurting for a makeover, add black to the mix, and you'll get a whole new vibe.

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