Put colorful dish towels to work as decor around your kitchen.

How to Use Dish Towels as Wall Art

by Anne Goetz

Wall art crafted from kitchen dish towels can be a vibrant, colorful reflection of the family you hold most dear. Whether your home's personality is better represented by warm Tuscan sunset hues or by the bold turquoise patterns of the 1950s, you can find an accompanying dish towel that complements your decor. Shopping the dish towel aisle for wall art might be unconventional, but it has unlimited and affordable potential.


One novel idea for displaying dish towels as wall art involves stretching them across an artist's canvas and tacking them in place using staples. You do not want to try this method on any priceless textiles, as the staples leave holes behind. But for those colorful towels that whisper to you from the aisles of your local kitchen store, stretching them over canvas offers a way to display them. Consider a variation of this method by stapling towels -- or sections of towels -- directly to the back of old wooden frames and mounting them without glass. Cut a single towel into segments, frame each one separately and mount them all as a collage along your backsplash.

Shabby Chic

Turn a pretty dish towel into a hanging textile by quilting it into a potholder and stitching a hanger to the top. Similarly, just make a simple loop from a coordinating fabric and attach it at the center of your towel. Attach a few vintage drawer pulls directly to your wall as shabby chic pegs and hang your towels this way. If you are crafty with yarn, you might crochet a hanging topper on your dish towels and add a decorative button that allows you to fasten the towel to wall pegs or cabinet door handles.


Go for a more modern look by mounting a decorative curtain rod to the wall and attaching ring clips along the sides of your dish towel. In this way, you can display your dish towel just as you would a quilt, only on a smaller scale. Another option is to fold a small selection of dish towels so that the designs and colors show and stack them inside a hanging shadow box. If you have an antique textile that you want to display but are afraid of damaging it, snap a high-resolution photo of the towel, enlarge it and frame that instead.


A cute and kitschy method of showing off a collection of vintage kitchen towels includes simply stringing a length of clothesline on a small area of wall and draping the folder towels across it. If you like, you can add a wooden clothespin here and there for authenticity. Embroidery and quilting hoops also allow you to display dish towels on the wall -- simply clip the towel into the hoop, trim off the excess fabric and hang the hoop with a pushpin.

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