Choose fresh flowers that symbolize your hopes and dreams.

How to Use Fresh Flowers in Your Wedding Day Hair

by Mercedes Valladares

Most brides-to-be spend a lot of time selecting the type of flowers they'll carry as they walk down the aisle. But when you decide on your favorite blooms, don't limit their use to bouquets and corsages. Combine the look and theme of your wedding flowers into your hairstyle for the day. In big or small ways, fresh flowers can complete a bride's wedding day look.

Large Bloom

Choose one large bloom from your floral arrangement or bouquet as your inspiration for your hairstyle. Coordinate the color of the bloom with your dress or with the wedding colors. Once you select your hairstyle, decide where to place the large bloom without detracting from your face. For instance, secure a large flower -- white peony, orchid, calla lily or garden rose -- to a chignon by pinning it to the side. Or wear your long hair in a softly curled ponytail to the side and accent it with a flower. Add any final touches of hairspray, special mists or decorative sprays before adding the flower to your hair. The chemicals in these sprays can harm the flower.

Fresh Flower Crowns

Design a floral crown to enhance your hairstyle. Wrap a crown of small buds or clusters of flowers, such as freesia, around a swept-up hairdo with wispy curls framing your face or pin small rose buds throughout a French braid. Match your flowers to your theme. For instance, choose a crown of tropical flowers for a beach-themed wedding.

Flower Symbolism and Meanings

In the Victorian era, flowers had specific meanings and substituted for spoken words between lovers. Express your hopes and wishes through the flowers that you choose to wear in your hair. If you want to wear an individual flower with a decorative hairpin, choose a stephanotis to symbolize marital happiness or a rose to symbolize love and joy. Or incorporate clusters of small flowers -- baby's breath to symbolize innocence, lilac to represent love's first emotions or anemones to symbolize expectations -- into your hairstyle.


Meet with a florist to discuss your ideas for wedding flowers. Prepare for the meeting by clipping magazine photos or take photos of your favorite blooms. Discuss the types of seasonal flowers that will be available for your wedding to ensure hassle-free delivery. A florist can help to ensure that the blooms you select will not irritate your skin. Because fresh flowers will wilt, make sure they can be refrigerated right up until it is your cue to walk down the aisle.

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