Aged pewter contains several different gray and silver color tones.

How to Use a Pewter Color to Age Furniture

by Christina Ash

With its dull gray color, matte look and brushed finish, furniture aged with a pewter color incorporates the nicks and scratches of well-used furniture and hides the fingerprints and scuff marks of everyday family life. The gray-with-black-undertone color of pewter darkens with age and so provides a range of color shades to choose from.

Fake It

You can give anything a faux pewter paint finish with a combination of silver and dark gray paints. The finish will be more convincing on furniture such as picture frames and lamp bases than on large wooden tables. Wipe down the piece of furniture you've selected and spray paint it with silver acrylic paint. To fake antique pewter, use a matte finish; for more modern pewter, select a gloss finish. Let this dry and brush dark gray paint into the furniture piece, getting it into all the nooks and crevices. Use a rag to wipe off most of the paint, and then brush the remaining paint right into the silver.

It's Distressing

Any piece of furniture that already has nicks and scratches is perfect for aging through distressing. Further age the piece by sanding it down with fine grit sandpaper or using steel wool on it; you can even take nicks out of it with a sharp knife. Wipe away any loose sawdust with a damp rag. After applying primer and a base color, dry brush a small amount of pewter, or dark gray, colored paint into the scratches and cuts on the furniture, working it well in. Brush the same paint on any raised areas of the piece. Highlight these areas with dark silver acrylic paint.

The Pewter Age

Instantly age any bright, shiny metal drawer pull, handle or metal coat stand with pewter-colored paint. For large items, clean the metal and paint with Rustoleum matte spray paint in black. Using a sponge, work a mixture of light and dark gray paints, along with a little silver, into this base coat to get the look of old pewter. Age smaller items, such as door handles, with craft distress paint in brushed pewter, found in hobby stores, which has the combination shiny/matte look of modern pewter.

Threadbare and Worn-out

Pewter-colored fabric instantly adds age to any chair or sofa, especially when it's in a fabric that can look well-used, such as velvet, wool or corduroy. Choose a material that has worn patches and even looks threadbare in places. Matte and textured fabrics look more aged than shiny and flat ones, and grays with heavy undertones of black also look older.

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