Involve your toddler in potty training to encourage cooperation.

How to Use Rubber Pants When Potty Training at Night

by Sandra Ketcham

If your toddler is staying dry most days, it might be time to drop the diapers and switch to waterproof training pants at night. Rubber training paints are designed to prevent leaks. They're helpful whether you're using cloth diapers or padded training pants for potty training. The extra protection that the waterproof material provides can boost your little one's self-confidence while protecting the mattress and saving you a load of laundry. If your child continues bedwetting multiple times each week beyond the age 5, consult your pediatrician for advice.

Limit drinks for at least two hours before bed. If your toddler needs a sip or two of water, give her a small drink. However, try to keep drinking to a minimum after dinner to help prevent accidents at night.

Take your kiddo to the bathroom right before bed. Make sure she wipes and dries herself well. Use powder if there is any irritation, as waterproof pants don't allow for good air circulation.

Put a cloth diaper or underwear on your little one, and then pull the rubber training pants over the top. Make sure your child knows how to get them off and can do so by herself in case she needs to go potty in the middle of the night.

Dress your kiddo in comfortable pajamas over the rubber pants that are also easy to put on and take off. Anything that slows your little one down when she needs to go potty in the middle of night greatly increases the risk of an accident.

Remove the waterproof pants right away in the event of an accident -- and then clean and dry your toddler thoroughly to prevent skin irritation. Do not scold your child. Change her bedding if there was any leakage and send her back to bed.

Take the pants off as soon as your little one wakes in the morning. Her skin needs time to breathe.

Continue using the training paints until your child goes two weeks without a nighttime accident. After the two weeks, switch to cloth training pants or underwear only.


  • "Rubber" training pants are generally made of vinyl or plastic.
  • If your child continues to have problems making it through the night without an accident, consider waking her before you go to bed to take her to the potty. Encourage her to go -- and then take her back to bed. Make sure the lights are dim and you keep talking and other noise to a minimum. If she fully wakes, she might have trouble getting back to sleep.

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