Use wire cutters to snip silk flowers from their vinyl stems.

How to Use Silk Flowers for a Girl's Room Wall Decor

by Mary Love

If you are searching for creative way to add color, texture and dimension to your daughter's walls, consider the many ways silk flowers can accent a room besides being displayed in a vase. They also can add a decidedly feminine touch to walls, making your child's personal retreat feel as fresh and colorful as a garden.


No special skills are needed to create a stunning garland with silk flowers. Use a commercial grapevine garland as the foundation, arranging clusters of flowers throughout the vines. Hot glue is a good adhesive to use to attach them securely. Embellish the garland with long, colorful streamers, bows, and strings of shiny Mardi Gras beads or mini-Christmas lights. If you prefer, glue small clusters of blossoms to a long, wide ribbon. Young girls might enjoy having long streamers and rhinestones added between the flowers. Mount the ribbon or grapevine garland to the wall above her headboard, around windows and doors, or connect several to outline the tops of the walls.


Mount silk flowers on canvas to create 3-D art. Paint the canvas an accent color and place silk blossoms without stems in an artful arrangement. Glue them to the canvas, adding flourishes with a marking pen. You can illuminate your design by punching tiny holes through the canvas. Working from the backside, push micro-Christmas lights through the holes to highlight the front of the composition. If you prefer, glue fabric, wallpaper or craft paper to the front of a piece of wood and adhere flowers to it before mounting it to a wall.


To add a custom look to an old frame, paint it to complement your daughter's decor. Remove the heads of silk blossoms from their stems and glue the blossoms onto the front of the frame. Decorate a single corner or cover all four sides. To add a little bling, spritz petals with spray glitter. This also can be an effective way to embellish a framed wall mirror. Repurpose embroidery hoops as wall art by securing decorative fabric within the hoops and gluing silk flowers around the rims. Another idea is to glue flowers onto a clothes hanger and suspend it from a hook on the wall. A couple of painted clothespins added to the bottom edge can be used to display your daughter's masterpieces.


Personalize walls with your child's initials. Assemble shapes of plastic foam to comprise large letters. Dip the ends of stems, trimmed to a couple of inches long, into glue and insert them into the foam. Tightly pack the foam with flowers, and add colorful loops of ribbon or faux pearls. For a different approach, glue the heads of the flowers onto a wide ribbon and configure the ribbon into your daughter's initials or her name, and glue it onto a painted artist's canvas or to the inside of a colorful shadow box.

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