You can hand sew your own circle scarf.

How to Use a Tulip Swag Holder

by Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

A pair of tulip swag holders will help give a scarf valance some eye-catching, flowerlike accents at the upper corners of your window. These U-shaped holders that resemble a tulip outline come with adjustable brackets to support the fabric away from the wall and help soften the hard edge of the upper window trim. Gently working a handful of fabric through the holder will create round forms that resemble flowers, such as rosettes. These flowery accents and elegantly draped tails add a touch of symmetry and class to your room’s décor.

Mark with a pencil and a ruler the placement of each swag holder. For example, the brackets can be positioned diagonally on the wall above the left and right corners of the window trim, or directly on the window frame.

Drill small pilot holes for each holder, and then attach the holders with screws using a screwdriver. The holder will resemble a large “U” with a curve on either side. If you are drilling into drywall, first tap in the anchors that are appropriate for the screws, line up the swag holders, and then screw in the mount. If the holder is adjustable, slide the face of the swag holder in or out according to the preferred clearance from the wall.

Press the swag with a preheated iron set to the correct temperature for the material. Place the cooled fabric on a large, flat surface.

Fold the fabric lengthwise to create soft, consistent accordion folds, for example, 4-inch-wide folds.

Insert a straight pin at the midpoint of the length of this scarf to help you center this swag over the middle of the window trim.

Raise and center the folded swag over the window trim and drape each scarf tail over the side brackets. Ask a friend to help you balance and support this scarf at the window. Adjust the folds to the preferred shape, such as a gentle dip in the lower center with a straight horizontal upper line.

Lift up a handful of fabric that dangles between the bracket and the tail and gently bring the fabric from behind the “U” and pull the fabric away from the wall to make a loose, pouchlike form.

Cover the two metal curves with this pulled fabric to create a rounder form and hide the hardware. Push in the fabric in the center of the “U” or pull the fabric toward the wall from the other side of the “U” to create center gathers for a cup-shaped flower. Work with the remaining tail for a symmetrical effect.

Remove the straight pin from the midpoint of the scarf. View your window treatment from inside and outside your home, and then make any adjustments.

Items you will need

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Straight pin


  • Work on this project when your children are away so they won’t try to climb any stepladders or chairs near the window.
  • If the fabric flower needs support, try tying the pulled fabric to the hardware with a length of floral wire or dental floss.
  • Keep the dangling tails short and out of reach of children. You can also opt to work with a narrower or smaller swag that ends at each flower form.
  • Wrapping a few bands of paper around the folded swag can help keep its form while you bring the swag to the window.

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