Neutral paint colors like white, cream or tan are surefire colors for any bedroom's walls.

What Wall Paint Color Works Well in Every Bedroom?

by Jennifer Blair

At the end of a long day, your bedroom should be a retreat where you can relax and regroup. The paint color that you choose plays a major role in the mood that your bedroom has, so selecting the right shade is key. While there may be some colors that speak to you personally, they may not be the best option for your bedroom walls. To take the guesswork out of choosing a paint color, stick to one of several shades that work well in any bedroom so you're sure to create the ideal atmosphere for your space.


Neutral paint colors are a safe choice in any room of the house, but they are particularly effective in the bedroom. Since they don’t lean warm or cool, you don’t have to worry about them being too bold or clashing with the other decor in the room. White is a traditional option and is ideal in a small bedroom because it reflects light and makes the space feel larger and more open. If painting the walls white seems too sterile, try a softer shade like ivory, beige or cream. Taupe or gray is an attractive option if you want a deeper color for your walls.


Cool paint shades are always recommended for the bedroom because they help establish a calm, soothing mood that promotes a good night’s sleep. Blue is usually the classic choice because it can create such a serene, relaxing atmosphere. In a small room, a light shade like sky or baby blue works well. A soft aqua paint shade is also an attractive option if you want a brighter, fresher look for your bedroom. If you have a larger space, you may want to choose a deeper shade like blue-gray or cadet blue.


Like blue, green is a cool, soothing color that can work well in any bedroom. A soft, light shade like mint or honeydew is ideal for a small bedroom, while mid-tone shades like sage and pistachio are better options for a larger space. If you want to add a little warmth to your bedroom, choose a green with strong yellow undertones like apple or spring green. Painting your bedroom walls a rich olive green can also help make a large bedroom feel cozier and more intimate.


Purple is usually a cool-toned color, so it can be an attractive choice for a bedroom just like blue and green. Light shades like lavender and lilac work well in any size bedroom, while mid-tone shades like mauve are ideal for larger spaces. If you have a large master bedroom, painting the walls a deep royal purple can be a striking option. You can also inject some warmth into the room by using a purple with red undertones like eggplant to paint the walls.

Earth Tones

You don’t necessarily have to stick to neutrals or cool shades when you’re painting a bedroom. Earth tones can work well in virtually any bedroom and are an ideal choice when you want to create a warm, cozy look for the space. Opt for light shades like tan, sand or camel if your bedroom is on the small side. If you have a larger space to work with, try painting your walls a rich gold or terra-cotta shade. Even red paint can work in a bedroom as long as it’s a deep shade like cinnamon or brick.

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