Keep your curious child out of the fridge.

Ways You Can Keep Children Out of the Refrigerator

by Kelly Sundstrom

Do you find yourself constantly telling your little children to stay out of the refrigerator? Sometimes it seems like they just can't help trying to get a tasty snack by simply opening the fridge door to get one. However, you may not want your toddler or preschooler to have complete access to your food stores, so it becomes important to find ways to keep your kids out of the refrigerator unless you say it is okay.

Put Up Reminders

Sometimes little children simply forget that you have told them not to go into the refrigerator. Instead of losing your voice from all of the constant reminders, put up a reminder that remains on the fridge for your child to see every time she thinks of going in. Make the reminder purely pictorial, and avoid trying to write words. Obviously, your little one will not understand how to read a written note. For example, draw a hand with an "X" on it on an index card using markers, and tape it next to the refrigerator handle to remind your child not to touch the fridge.

Attach an Alarm

If your child does not mind you no matter how much you try to remind her or no matter what pictures you post on the fridge, you might need to use an alarm so that you at least know when she opens the refrigerator door. You can use simple stick-on door alarms, which you can purchase at any hardware store. These peel-and-stick devices make a beeping sound when your child opens the refrigerator door, alerting you that you need to go and shut it again.

Use Child Locks

If you are tired of getting up to shut the fridge over and over, try installing a child safety lock on the refrigerator handles. You can find child locks for a refrigerator at a hardware store. The locks feature a button or knob that you will have to press in order to open the door but that is too complicated for a toddler or preschooler to figure out. Although cumbersome, a child safety lock will surely keep your child out of the refrigerator without worry.


Some children might open a refrigerator door out of boredom or curiosity and may just need a little distraction. Try placing a toy basket or activity table in the kitchen right next to the refrigerator. When your small child begins to head over to open the fridge door, she will become distracted by the sight of all of the colorful toys, puzzles and games. Always place the toy basket and table out of the way of the refrigerator door so that she does not get accidentally bonked when you need to open the door.

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