Turn ordinary floor tiles into decorative hot plates.

Ways to Decorate Floor Tiles to Use as Hot Plates

by Heather Montgomery

You can never have enough hot plates on hand to hold the dishes for a family dinner or holiday meal. Commercial hot plates, while functional, might not fit the design style in your kitchen or dining room. With a little creativity, you can make custom hot plates out of floor tiles using family photos, paint, wallpaper and napkins. These custom creations add a personal touch to your dinner and impress guests every time you put them on the table or counter.


Display your favorite family photos and relive the memories every time you sit down to dinner. All you need for this project is a photo printed on regular printer paper, a floor tile, scissors, decoupage paste, sandpaper and acrylic sealer. With photo-editing software, crop the photo to the size of the floor tile before printing it. Use decoupage paste to cover the back of the photo, press onto the floor tile, smooth out the bubbles and allow the paste to dry. Another coat of decoupage paste seals the photo in place. After it is dry, you can trim excess paper from the edges of the tile with sandpaper, a coat of heat-resistant acrylic sealer adds a heat and waterproof elements to the hot plate.


You can paint food themed phrases such as “Bon’ Appetite,” “Come and Get It” or “Dig In” onto tiles. To help your children set the table and give guests an idea of where everything goes on the table, you can also paint the tiles with “Side Dish,” “Main Dish,” “Dessert” or other dish names onto the tiles. Consider painting food or utensil themes onto the floor tile. Use a stencil or freehand the image onto the tiles with acrylic paint and seal with heat-resistant acrylic sealer.

Wallpaper and Napkins

Wallpaper and napkins decoupaged onto floor tiles using the same method as when adding family photos to create hot plates, adds a decorative touch to your table. Choose wallpaper squares that match the wallpaper you have on your walls or a wallpaper design you are not brave enough to use on your walls yet. Napkins with your initials or with a holiday theme also offer attractive options.

Protect Your Table

After you decorate the floor tiles with photos, paint, wallpaper or napkins, you need to add cork to the bottom of the tile to protect your table and counter surfaces from scratching because of the rough underside of the tile. Cut a piece of cork to 1/2 inch shorter than all sides of the bottom of the tile and affix in place with hot glue.

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