Simple framed images are the correct proportion to fill the walls of this staircase.

Ways to Hang Pictures in a Stairway

by Erin Montgomery

Since your stairway is a place frequented several times a day and usually consists of blank wall space, it makes the perfect spot to hang your favorite pictures. Whether your decorating style is systematic or more on the random side, there are different methods to hanging photos in order to create an aesthetically pleasing and personable stairway.

Staggered Gallery

The beauty of a staggered picture frame gallery is that it’s a quick and easy way to personalize your stairway with lots of photos. You don’t need any precise measurements, and you can use an array of picture frames in all shapes, sizes and colors. To stagger your pictures, hang them at different heights, either close together or spaced apart. Start hanging your photos about a foot above the stairs and continue hanging them as close to the ceiling as you want. Turn your stairway into a huge display of your favorite pictures that’s not only fun to look at it, but can accommodate a large number of picture frames.

Diagonal Pattern

If the staggered gallery feels too disorganized, or you don’t have that much wall space to work with, group your pictures in a diagonal pattern working along the angle of your wall. You can still use various sizes and styles of picture frames, but hang them in a linear path instead of bunched all together into a collage from floor to ceiling. Your path of picture frames can be as wide as you’d like; however, two or three rows usually looks best for this style. This helps to create an even sense of movement all the way up your stairs while continuing to display many different photos.

Organized Fashion

For a more symmetrical and organized gallery along your stairs, stick with a select number of picture frames, similar in shape and size. Hang your frames every two or three stairs depending on how many frames you have. The key to getting an organized look is to hang your pictures with the exact amount of space in between each frame, and also keep the same distance from the bottom of the wall to the frame and from the frame to the ceiling for each photo. Perfectly placed picture frames running directly along the line of your stairs creates a simple and balanced feel to your stairway.

Collage Picture Frame

A simple way to display a large number of photos along your stairs, without using several different picture frames, is to use premade photo collage frames. These come in all shapes and sizes, whether you want three photos in the frame, or 10. If you opt for one large collage picture frame, center it in the middle of your stairs. If you have a few different collage frames, arrange them with equal distance in between each frame, running along the angle of the wall. A large collage picture frame also works great if you have a landing with wall space in the middle of your stairs.

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