Create a sexy look for your next beach vacation.

Ways to Look Sexy on the Beach

by Erica Loop

Between the sand down your swimsuit, the frizzy salt-air hair and the streaks of sunscreen that your little one lovingly washed over you, looking sexy on the beach is challenging at best for many moms. Before you hide yourself in the cabana, take a breath and make a few simple changes to get your best beach look.

Swimsuit Style

Unless you're one of those unworldly supermodels who go back to their pre-baby weight within seconds of giving birth, finding a swimsuit after have one or more babies isn't always easy. Before you don your granny's mu-mu, decide to dress for your body type or try a style that has some inner-support. For example, Shape magazine suggests post-baby mommies try a one-piece that has an empire-waist and a tummy smoothing torso such as the High Style Banded One-Piece from Spanx. Another option is a deep V-neck that highlights your cleavage, but draws attention away from your less-favorite areas. If wider hips are your problem, go with a one-piece that has a brightly patterned top and plain black bottom.


A day filled with sand, salt water and sun is likely to leave your hair looking less than stellar. If you are going for a neat and tidy look or highly stylized do, your beach hair may quickly turn into a don't. Instead of working against the elements, embrace the beach environment and use it to create sexy waves -- in your hair, that is, not the ocean -- or a vixen-like tousled style. Hair that is frizzy or prone to dryness may need an extra boost of leave-in conditioner before heading out the door. Don't worry about getting the salty water -- or salt-filled air -- in your hair. The salt adds texture, making it easy for you to scrunch your way to a sexy wavy style. If your hair simply refuses to cooperate, tie it back in a simple bun or add a bright scarf as a headband.


If mascara-streaked cheeks and runny foundation sound about right when it comes to describing your beach face, consider simplifying your beauty routine before an ocean outing. You don't need a full face of makeup to look sexy at the beach. Revlon global artistic director Gucci Westman suggests starting a beach face with a slather of sunscreen for protection and waiting 20 minutes for it to set in. Westman also recommends using a powder-based product -- as creams and liquids often smudge and run -- for a flawless foundation. The outdoor environment is sure to give you a rosy glow that negates the need for streaks of heavy blush, but if you are severely sun-deprived, place bronzer above your cheekbones, on the apples of the cheeks, the temples, eyelids and forehead for some sun-kissed color.


Why hide behind a flowing sarong or spend your beach vacation hiding out indoors, when you can embrace your body -- even after baby? It doesn't matter how much you paid for your shaper swimsuit if you don't have the confidence to actually show it off. Being a confident woman on the beach is the key to feeling -- and acting -- sexy. If you just can't make the mental move to boost your confidence, try a few pre-beach exercises to spruce up any areas that you feel are in need of assistance. For example, Parents Magazine suggests that moms who have arm issues try a three-minute routine three times each week that includes modified push-ups, tricep extensions and two-arm punches with weights. With just a few minutes of exercise and a positive attitude in tow, you'll be set to hit the beach in confident style.

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