Reduce the swelling of your pimple with simple home remedies.

Ways to Make Pimple Swelling and Redness Fade Fast

by Alexandra Early

There’s nothing quite like an unsightly pimple to make you feel self-conscious and frustrated. Acne can happen to anyone and can be brought on by stress, hormones, touching your face -- any variety of things you may or may not have control over. The truth is that everyone gets pimples. Whether you forgot to use your favorite cleanser or are just plain having a stressful week, knowing how to reduce your pimples’ swelling and fade redness is an important skill to keep in your back pocket.

Don’t Pick

Resist the urge to pick at your pimple. Picking at a pimple causes inflammation and stress to the affected area, often damaging skin and causing a longer recovery time. Popping a pimple may give you short-term satisfaction, but the trauma of damaging your skin (and underneath your skin) isn’t worth it and can cause scarring.

Cold Compress

Pull a cold compress from your freezer and hold it on the area of your pimple. If you don’t have a freeze pack, use a bag of some frozen veggies or berries you might have instead. If the compress is too cold to bear, wrap the compress in a paper towel or thin washcloth before applying to the affected area. Applying a cold compress for around 10 minutes will help to reduce swelling and redness of a pimple.

Use Toothpaste

Though many think that toothpaste is just for teeth, prepare to be amazed: toothpaste is also a useful tool for those looking to reduce a pimple’s size. Toothpaste will dry out a pimple because of its components like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Warning: Be careful not to leave it on too long. It can actually cause redness and peeling if left on for more than a few minutes, and baking soda alone may be the best option for sensitive skin.

Try Cucumber

Applying cucumber to the affected area is a great option to reduce swelling. It naturally tightens your pores and is incredibly mild, so it’s a great option for all skin types. Use a slice of cucumber on your pimple for around 20 minutes for best results.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an effective tool in reducing the redness and swelling that comes with acne, kills acne bacteria and helps lower skin’s pH. Lemon juice may sting a little bit when applied to pimples, but in the process it slows skin’s inflammation.

Warning: People with dark skin should not use lemon juice to treat pimples, as it can make skin permanently darker in areas treated with this remedy. This result is intensified with exposure to the sun.

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