Preschoolers can craft Santa Claus faces for holiday decorations.

Ways Preschoolers Can Make Santa Claus Faces

by Tania K. Cowling

Put a little “ho, ho, ho” in your holiday activities as your preschooler makes Santa Claus faces to decorate the home. And, what about some cookies? Leaving a dish of goodies for Santa ensures your little one that he has a good opportunity that his favorite trinkets will be left under the tree. As you make holiday crafts together, you and your child will experience the best bonding experience that will last in your memories.

Simple Paper Plate Santa

Cut out a red triangle from construction paper for Santa’s hat. Glue a cotton ball to the tip. Invite your child to paste this hat onto a paper plate. Now, draw Santa’s face with crayons or markers. Don’t forget his rosy cheeks? Continue gluing cotton balls on the plate for Santa’s mustache and beard.

Star Santa

Did you know you could make our favorite jolly gentleman from a star? Cut a five-pointed star shape from red construction paper. Children can use a white crayon to make Santa’s face on one of the points. Create arms and legs on the other points and draw a belt across the middle. Add a little glitter for sparkle. Hang your star Santa on the wall or Christmas tree for everyone to see.

Santa Mobile

Cover a wire coat hanger with red paper and secure it with tape. Glue cotton balls to the top as Santa’s hat. Cut large eyes from blue construction paper and cover the tops with cotton as eyebrows. A mustache and beard can be made from one piece of white paper and also be covered with cotton. Hang the pieces from the hanger with yarn.

Santa Face Bell

Cut a sheet of red construction paper into a half circle. Show your youngster how to bend this shape around, overlapping corners to form a cone. Tape or staple it shut. Help your little artist draw a Santa face using markers just below the pointed end of the cone. Glue cotton around the face. Slide a jingle bell on a pipe cleaner and twist it closed. Insert the opposite end up into the cone and out through the top forming a hanger. Tape the top of the pipe cleaner to the inside of the cone. “Ring, ring, Santa’s on his way!”

Bake Santa Cookies

Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe to make the dough. Roll it out on a board to about a quarter-inch thick. Cut out the cookies with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Bake as directed. When cool, frost the heart point red. Place chocolate chips as eyes and a cinnamon red-hot candy as his nose. Cut a gumdrop to make a mouth. Use white frosting all around for his hat tip and brim, along with Santa’s mustache and beard. You can even add some flaked coconut for a fuzzy effect!

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