Certain medical conditions, as well as the aging process, can cause hair to thin.

Wigs & Hair Pieces for Thinning Hair

by Pamela VanderWerf

Hair is an expression of individual style and personality, symbolic of health and beauty. But when not at its best, due to a health condition, stress or breakage from chemical treatments, thinning hair can take a toll on your self-esteem and appearance. With modern innovations in the processing of natural wigs and hair pieces -- use of better materials and technology -- you can restore lost volume and boost confidence.

Complete Coverage

Wigs offer a fast and easy remedy for thinning hair, covering the entire head in one quick step. From hand-sewn human wigs to machine made synthetic ones, these headpieces are constructed with lighter caps and thinner materials, making them more cool and comfortable to wear than ever before.

Hand-tied wigs made of 100 percent human hair are the most expensive. Each hair is sewn individually to the base, providing a very natural look. Human hair wigs can be colored and styled in any fashion using popular heat styling methods. Longer styles may be cut and shaped by a qualified hairdresser to achieve a custom, unique hairstyle.

Machine-made wigs feature a mesh cap and strips of material called wefts to which hair is sewn. Some include adjustable elastic strips to ensure a proper fit. Use of new lightweight fibers and non-slip linings provide synthetic wigs with a natural-looking solution for thinning hair, and there are countless easy-to-care-for, pre-styled selections at affordable prices.

Convenience and Versatility

Hair pieces are often the preferred choice for those with thinning hair. They offer a feeling of natural hair growth and can blend in with your own hair. Many styles of hair pieces exist offering various degrees of coverage in different shapes and lengths. Hair pieces may be sewn-in, glued on or attached with clips to your natural hair. A top piece has a flat or cone shape and may offer a waffle-type base, which allows your own natural hairs to be pulled through the holes and blended with the synthetic hair. Often called an integration piece, this design produces a very natural looking result and a secure attachment. This is an ideal solution for thinning hair, as it addresses the issue of hair loss at the crown.

A Menu of Options

If thinning at the crown is not an issue, you might opt for add-on braids, ponytails, buns or chignons to add volume and versatility to your own hair. Most retail hair shops are experienced in helping customers select the right color, and many online sources provide consultation by mail, requiring the customer to mail a hair sample for color matching. A bandeau hair piece is sewn into a hairband to be placed over your natural hairline. Partial pieces are designed to cover specific sections in the front, top or side areas and may be custom made by experienced wig makers. Other options include clip-in bangs for hair loss along the hairline.

Unlimited Options

Choosing to wear a wig or hair piece provides an opportunity to explore different textures, lengths and even colors of hair without the use of harsh chemical treatments, straightening solutions or perms. Whether prompted by a medical issue or need for change, wig and hair piece wearers enjoy added volume, time-saving convenience and the self-esteem boost produced by a good hair day.

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