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How to Woo My Guy

by Elise Wile

It takes true talent and commitment to woo. And wooing isn't just for men, either. A woman can use some of the same techniques to make the guy in her life feel super-special. When you woo your guy, you stand out as an amazing partner. What's more, you make your guy feel desired, says psychotherapist and relationship expert Stephen Johnson on his website. Wooing a man can boost his confidence while you both are enjoying the process.

Show Him You're Thinking About Him

Send your guy a text message sometime during the day that says something like, "Just thinking about how sexy you looked yesterday loading that truck. Yum." Then don't send any other messages for a while, which will give him time to think about what you've written. You can also go old school and send him a note via snail mail. He'll definitely feel wooed when he checks his mail and finds your sweet card nestled among the electric and cable bills.

Look Your Best

It's easy to fall into a rut when you've been dating for a while. Bedhead and yoga pants can quickly become the norm unless you consciously decide otherwise. Get your toes done, keep your hair styled and wear flattering outfits that make him feel proud to have you on his arm when you're out in public. Strike the right balance between being too provocative and overly modest, says psychologist Colin Hendrie in a November 2009 "Daily Mail" article. Specifically, the magical formula is to bare 40 percent of your skin, which means some arm and leg, but not too much.

Show Your Smarts

Contrary to popular perception, guys appreciate a girl with brains. You'll draw your guy closer to you when you can discuss his interests than you will if you shake your head and say "Who's that?" when he mentions Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Read a couple of news articles each day, especially ones that deal with international affairs as opposed to the latest grisly murder or celebrity mishap. When you're with him, ask him provocative questions such as "Do you think there are still important differences between the Republican and Democratic parties?" Having a stimulating discussion will likely do more to maintain his interest than your cute sparkly toenails.

Be Generous

When you go out, instead of waiting for your guy to pick up the bill, let him know the drinks are on you once in a while. He'll appreciate not being taken for granted, and your generosity will draw him closer to you. Every few days, pick up something you know he'd like -- whether it's some fresh herbs for your guy to use in his signature dish or the new CD from his favorite bluegrass artist. If you want to do maximum wooing, bring him a batch of your renowned homemade brownies on a day when you know he needs a lift.

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