Every gift deserves a personalized note of thanks.

How to Word Thank You Wedding Cards for Family and Friends

by Christen Robinson

Your wedding day is a celebration of love -- the love between you and your fiance, of course, as well as the love and support of your family and friends. It is assumed that you will acknowledge this support with thank you cards, for which there are a few rules to follow beyond saying "thanks."


Writing wedding gift thank you cards can be a daunting task. Simplify the process with a little preparation. Compile a log of all the wedding guests in a binder, computer file, or other system, such as a recipe box with index cards. For each guest, include the correct spelling of names and the current address. As you receive gifts, immediately record the specific gift in the log. Refer to the log when writing your cards. An organized log will ensure that you write accurate and personalized notes to every wedding guest.

The Gift

Make sure to name the actual gift when writing your thank you card. "Thank you for the blender." Do not write a generic thank you card that simply thanks the person for the "gift" or "present." Doing so is rude and impersonal. The person will appreciate a note that is personalized and specific. Now describe how you plan to use or enjoy the gift. "We love to drink fruit smoothies and now we will be able make our own at home."

The Wedding

Thank your guest for attending the wedding. "Thank you so much for joining us on our special day, it meant a lot to have you there." Try to personalize the note with additional details. "We will never forget your version of the funky chicken. Thanks for getting the party started!" If the person was unable to attend the wedding but sent a gift, write a thank you note as usual, but end with something like, "We missed you at the wedding, but we promise to send pictures soon!"


Thank the person for monetary gifts by explaining how you intend to use the money. "Thank you so much for the check. We are saving for a down payment on a house. Thanks for bringing us closer to that goal." Do not mention the specific amount of money. Write your thank you cards as soon as you receive each gift if possible. If not, try to complete the thank you cards within two weeks of receiving the gift and definitely no longer than three months. Consider writing the thank you cards in small batches to keep the notes sounding fresh and personal.

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