Remove the wrinkles correctly from a vintage satin wedding dress and restore a piece of the past.

How to Take Wrinkles Out of a Vintage Satin Wedding Dress

by Jaimie Zinski

From Britain's Queen Victoria to the City of Angels' Kim Kardashian, women through the ages have chosen satin on their wedding days because of its luxurious beauty and splendid versatility. Woven from fine threads of silk, polyester, nylon or other synthetic fibers, vintage satin wedding dresses have been increasingly finding their ways into modern bridal wardrobes. But while painstakingly picking through auctions and vintage boutiques may deliver the dress of your dreams, it won't prevent the wrinkles that can befall satin fabric. Thankfully, most light wrinkles can be removed easily with just a few simple steps.

Turn on the shower water to the hottest setting and leave the bathroom, shutting the door behind you. Allow the bathroom to fill up with steam for 10 minutes. Leave the shower curtain or door open the entire time.

Hang the satin wedding gown from a padded or wooden hanger. Lift the dress off the ground to prevent creating more wrinkles while you bring it into the steamy bathroom. Turn off the shower and shut the bathroom door to prevent the steam from escaping.

Suspend the hanger from the shower-curtain rail where the air can circulate around it. If there is no rail available, hang the dress from a hook on the back of the bathroom door. Make sure that the wedding gown does not touch the ground.

Run a dry, white, cotton washcloth down the length of the vintage satin dress, going from top to bottom, while it's hanging in the steamy bathroom. Gently tug on the wedding gown while you run the washcloth over the fabric to eliminate deep wrinkles. Continue until you've worked the washcloth over every inch of the fabric and removed all the wrinkles. Allow the dress to hang in the steamy room for five to seven minutes more.

Items you will need

  • Padded or wooden hanger
  • White cotton washcloth
  • Padded or wooden hanger


  • To prevent future wrinkles, hang the dress from a hook or keep it away from any other clothing in the closet so that it doesn't get crushed. Make sure that the dress is completely off the floor to prevent staining and wrinkles.


  • Never expose the vintage satin dress to direct heat sources, such clothing irons. Direct heat could cause scorching or damage.

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