You'll likely want a child care provider who has experience working with kids.

How to Write an Ad for a Child Care Provider

by Barbie Carpenter

Finding a child care provider is often a challenge. After all, it's not easy to find someone to understand your little angel and give him the same kind of care and attention that you give him when you're there. While you have no trouble finding charm in your little one's exploits, you need a child care provider who's equipped to handle your kiddo's best and worst days, too. Writing a clear, descriptive and specific ad can help you find a responsible child care provider.

Brainstorm your must-haves in a child care provider, keeping in mind your child's unique needs. Create a list of traits and qualifications in your ideal child care provider, including educational background, professional background and any certification or training. If your child requires daily medication or has a learning disability or sensory disorder, decide whether you expect your child care provider to have experience in these areas.

Compose your opening paragraph of your ad, describing your ideal provider with clear adjectives, such as "experienced," "qualified" or "educated." Identify the basics of the job in the opening paragraph as well, providing the age of your child and the hours during which you need a child care provider. Skip the detail about your kid's temper tantrums or dislike of anything green and leafy -- you can reserve that information for the interview.

Provide specific qualifications in the second paragraph of your ad. Define how many years' experience caring for children you want potential care providers to have. List the education, certification and training that you want the candidates to have in this paragraph, too.

Add any details unique to your situation in the third paragraph of your ad. If you work a nontraditional schedule, your child has allergies that require daily medication or if you need the child care provider to have a flexible schedule, provide that information in this paragraph. These details will help potential providers evaluate whether the job is appropriate for them.

Offer contact information in the final paragraph. While you don't want people banging on your front door for an interview, you should welcome emails and phone calls about the opportunity. Provide these easy ways for interested child care providers to contact you, and request a resume and references with each inquiry.

Proofread your ad for typos and grammatical errors. Ask a friend to read it through as well just to have a second set of eyes review it for content and accuracy.

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