A poem for your grandmother can reflect things you've done with her

How do I Write a Birthday Poem for Grandma?

by S. Grey

Grandmothers are special women who deserve special gifts for their birthday. Writing poetry is an inexpensive but powerful method of giving her a special present. Your grandma will love that you wrote her a poem. Gifts from the heart can have the greatest impact, and a poem is a creative and loving way to honor your grandma on her special day.

Forms of Poetry

As you start writing the poem, consider the form of poetry you want to use. Various forms of poetry have different themes: haiku focuses on nature and uses a 5-7-5 syllable scheme, whereas limericks are humorous in tone. Ballads are a wise choice because love is often a central theme. Consider the various types of poetry to see which ones resonate with you and use them as a foundation for a beautiful poem.

Make It Meaningful

Make your grandma's birthday poem special by including themes she finds important. Willow Hambrick, writing educator, notes that good poems are clear, complex and surprising. Clear writing means communicating effectively; you can communicate your love for your grandma using straightforward language or a sense of mystery. Complex poems have layers and many meanings, so include themes that are direct and make use of evocative metaphors. To make your poem surprising, add a heartfelt statement or twist. Talk to family members about what your grandma loves to get some ideas.

Think of Your Relationship

Write a poem that reflects things you have done with your grandmother. Helping her remember pleasant memories you share can have a positive effect on her mental health. The Association for Psychological Science notes that recalling pleasant memories boosts mood in depressed people. Giving your grandma a physical representation of a positive memory can help her on days when she is feeling down. She will cherish such a memory-evoking gift.

Use Another Poem

It can be hard to write a poem. If your writer's block doesn't ease by your grandmother's birthday, look for a poem written by someone else that expresses your feelings. Let her know that the poem reminds you of her. Find out if she has a favorite poet or poem; re-creating the poem as a craft, such as a framed version of the poem, can be a quick and inexpensive gift. Do not worry if you cannot find your own words to convey love to your grandma on her birthday; another writer may have already written the poem you're looking for.

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