Spiral trees add interest and dimension to landscapes.

Yard Decorations With Spiral Trees

by Stephanie Green

Yard decorations that use spiral trees can add a whimsical or a formal touch to a landscape. Their spiral shapes instantly draw attention, making them focal points in the landscape. They are available in different heights and widths, giving homeowners the option to create a uniform or irregular look when using multiple trees. Metal spiral trees are even easier to decorate, as they require no maintenance and are easy to relocate from one part of the yard to another.

Holiday Display

One of the most popular ways to use spiral trees as decorative additions to the landscape is to brighten them with holiday lights. You can use living trees or spiral frames. Artificial frames can be purchased, already strung with white or colored lights for easy use. If you prefer a living tree, consider sweet bay laurel (Laurus nobilis), also called sweet laurel and bay leaf. This laurel tolerates heavy pruning, which makes it a good candidate for topiary, and it is commonly used for topiary that you buy already shaped. The leaves provide a nice fragrance as well. The topiary gives the illusion of a spiral shape. It can be adorned with lights, if desired, for a festive look. The slow-growing evergreen is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8b through 11.

Faux Topiary

Dress up the frame of a fabricated spiral tree with artificial evergreens for instant yard décor. Lace artificial ivy around the tree to soften the metal frame. Set two small trees at the entrance of a driveway to create a welcoming visual, or spruce up a patio or deck area with spiral trees to soften the hardscaping associated with the outdoor areas.

Spiral Hedge

Arrange groups of potted spiral trees to create an artificial hedge. Along with being decorative, the hedge can serve as a windbreak or attractive privacy screen. Likewise, a row of artificial spiral trees can create an instant hedge in a landscape.


When using a live specimen for a spiral tree, consider using species that grow well in containers for easy relocation in a yard. If you use living trees, then consider how long it takes for the tree to mature. Take note, too, as to whether the specimen is tolerant to heavy pruning. While artificial spiral trees do not require maintenance, they will need to be replaced after considerable exposure to the elements.

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